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Everything in the universe that wants to be successful has to base itself on the Golden Ratio.

Otherwise it is destined to fail.

Stefan Priehyba
The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

Albert Einstein

The Golden Ratio has Inspired thinkers of all disciplines like no other number in the history of Mathematics.

Mario Livio

What is the GOLDEN RATIO?
Since ancient times, the Golden Ratio has intrigued many of the greatest mathematicians, artists, architects and even musicians. A proportion which has been merited the title of 'the divine ratio' in search for perfection in art and nature. 

We not only find it on the petals of roses or in the perfect smile of the Mona Lisa, but it is also evident in the design of ancient structures dating as back as the Pyramids. It is also notably evident in prominent buildings including: The Parthenon, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and The Statue of Liberty.
Even though there is no definite proof that Mozart, consciously used the Ratio in his compositions it is evident that the Golden Ratio is recurrent in his Sonata n.1 in C Major. It is also perfectly implemented in Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, which composition had shaken the whole music industry with its novelty, at the time.

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and become fluent in the Golden Ratio theory and become confident articulating it in different contexts

new ways of perceiving design in different contexts, together with new techniques and methods of expressing art.

intuitive skill and learn how to use the creative and logical processes of the brain to render exceptional works.

strategically the Golden Rule or variations of it to human proportions while obtaining a full understanding of all the different muscle groups in the human body.

trade secrets and insight of creative and artistic ability uniquely taught by Stefan Priehyba
Here's what you can expect from the Golden Ratio 2017:
A week of ideas and connection
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The Golden Ratio event, composed of a seminar and a workshop, consists of 17 to 20 hours of material delivered over 5 days. The event is based on the scientific 20 hour rule which aims to deliver the learner with a systematic approach to rapid skill acquisition: how to learn rapidly and apply the Golden rule intuitively.
Recommended for the curious individual who would like to explore the intersection of mathematics in design, art and life.

It is for those who work in creative job environments that need to be more innovative and would like to be more skilled and knowledgeable to lead that creative and artistic effort by putting on a new set of lenses through which to view the world of Design and Art.
The Golden Proportions in Human Body is designed for both students and Art professionals who wish to explore new perspectives by unlocking the mathematical function Golden Rule and learn to articulate it in different context.

This 16 hour artistic journey will allow students to apply the Golden Rule to their own compositions while gaining from the professional mentoring and one-on-one art critique of Stefan Priehyba.

In addition, students will be also taught how to intuitively draw a human figure using the distinctive functions of the left and the right hemisphere of the brain.

Students will also be instructed how to create a Fibonacci compass to create a perfect golden rule design or drawing.
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Be Inspired
Experience a deeper understanding about the mathematical language of beauty in Art and Design.

Gain Intuitive confidence 
drawing the human body from life.

Connect with other creatives and growth-mindset individuals.

Share and communicate your ideas.

Discover new perspectives
Unleash your creative potential while using the creative and logical processes of the brain to render exceptional creative and artistic work.

The Golden ratio seminar and workshop event is a one-time-opportunity for all artists, creative agencies, designers, architects and other learners who want to explore the mathematical language of aesthetics in design and the human anatomy.

The G.Ratio is very well customized for those who work in creative job environments that need to be more innovative and would like to be more skilled and knowledgeable to lead that creative and artistic effort by putting on a new set of lenses through which to view the world of Design and Art.

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